Our first model, the model 10 loudspeaker, starts life as aluminum, carbon fiber and fiberglass reinforforced extruded polyethelene. We start with the upper enclosures' front and back plates that mount the midbass/woofers and tweeters. These plates are machined from .750-thick 6061 aluminum then heat treated and anodized black. By making the mounting plates extremely thick we are able to remove resonance from the front and rear baffles, producing very detailed sound.

Next we move on to the horizontal tube enclosures. The top and bottom tubes are a composite build-up of fiberglass reinforced polyethelene aluminum and carbon fiber, as this produces an extremely strong and well-damped enclosure. Again we are trying to make the tube as inert as possible to eliminate coloration from the sound of the loudspeaker. The interiors of the tubes are also lined with "rock wool" — manufactured from, you guessed it, rocks. This product gives the best overall sound attenuation inside the tube.

The middle tube is made up of 6061 aluminum tube, as this houses crossover and electrical parts that should be shielded from stray radio frequencies in your home. (cell phone, microwaves, etc.).

The front and back plates are held in compression by four axially wound carbon fiber tubes, as they have adjustable tensioners on the back plate. These rods are used for adjusting each speaker's resonant frequency. With this system, we are able to tune the enclosures so that each cabinet has the same properties.

The outside of the tube enclosures can be covered with many different wood veeners and even carbon fiber, for a high-tech look.

The upper cabinet assembly is mounted to the subwoofer cabinet via a 6061 aluminum machined and welded bracket, As it's triangle shape reduces propagation of standing waves and also gives the upper cabinet a "suspended in air" look. The upper cabinet electrical connection is made via a 4-pin gold watertight low-loss connector. Gold makes for the most reliable connection, as it tends to oxidzes more slowly than other materials.

The subwoofer cabinet houses the amplifiers, digital signal processor and music streaming electronics as well as a 330mm woofer. The cabinet is made of 1-inch thick high-density MDF, hand laid carbon fiber reinforcement and an aluminum composite panel, made from 2 layers of aluminum sheet bonded to a polyethylene core. This makes for an extremely strong and fairly lightweight cabinet. The cabinet is then hand sanded, epoxy primered and finished in black automotive paint and clear coat for a long-lasting and durable finish. The subwoofer is supplied with adjustable spiked feet for minimal wave transfer to the floor and walls.

The Model 10 loudspeaker can be ordered in many different configurations, please contact you dealer for more information on these configurations.

For more technical information, download our white paper.