Maker Audio is proud to introduce our new flagship speaker, the Model 10.

The Model 10 louspeaker has some unique features not found on most loudspeakers. To start, Model 10 can be configured in many different ways to tailor the speaker for our customers. From standard ceramic tweeters to diamond tweeters, six independant amplifiers, an Onboard digital Sound processing module and wireless music streaming, the Model 10 is a very flexible speaker platform.

Since the model 10 incorporates digital sound processing, We are able to tailor the loudspeaker to the acoustics of the room in which it will be located. Since room acoustics play a major role in the final sound of any loudspeaker, this enables the loudspeaker to sound the way the designers intended no matter what room or location.

Maker Audio speakers are sold only though authorized dealers and distributors, as this assures each and every speaker will be set up and programed by a trained Maker Audio associate, assuring the ultimate in loudspeaker and music experience.

Learn more about our speakers in our downloadable brochure.