For 2017 Maker Audio has introduced a new line of cables for high-end audio systems, Incorporating some unique technologies. Over the past 25 years we have designed and manufactured cable and audio systems for use in our products as well as for other manufacturers. The new cable line takes all this cumulative knowledge and incorporates it into state-of-the-art cable products. The new product range covers interconnects, power cords, speaker cables and special-use cables.

The Maker Audio Reference series cables incorporate unique solutions to remove unwanted RF energy from infiltrating the cable conductors. We use multilayer LFP-r dissipation coatings and RF nulling nodes along the length of the cable assembly. This results in quiet background for the cable as well as the attached components, as the RF energy is not transmitted to the components in the system.

Major improvements can also be realized in speaker wire assemblies and AC cord assemblies as these wire assemblies transmit everything they pick up directly to the component.

Maker Audio cables are a must for any system, Get rid of the unwanted effects of stray RF and bring your audio system up to levels not thought possible until now.

Check out the review in Stereo Times or view our cable white paper.

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